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Tools for a Healthier Lifestyle

The wellness industry has been on an upward trend regarding growth for some time now. It is excepted that this growth shall keep getting higher and higher as time goes. Any startup linked with wellness is also thriving. Technology is striving to match the acceptance of more holistic forms of existence. The strength of the bond between tech and wellness is the mainstay of these startups. Some of these wellness entrepreneurs are emerging as the leaders of this wave.

The best among them is Habit. It is primarily concerned with bringing you a more personalized dieting service. Such a notion has been the preserve of the affluent. But Habit seeks to make it all possible for everyone, due to its reliance on a system based on biometric data. The app shall ask for your health goals, then come up with the needed foods for the attainment, which it shall thus arrange for the ingredients to be sent to your house. Your work will be done for you this way.

Babylon is an app that will enable you to communicate with a doctor after you have installed it. Through video calling, you can get a diagnosis from the doctor. You will also get a prescription sent to you the same day. It also connects you to your therapists.

Mobot is another invention that shall serve as both a water bottle and a foam roller. With it, you shall manage to stay hydrated as you take care of any sore and stiff muscles. It is a catchy one that shall find many fans.

Orthly is also an app, designed to make it easy to manage orthodontics. With it, you can scan your teeth and see how well your aligners are working. This is a cheaper way than going for an expensive appointment to find this out.

Nurx is here to make it easy for women to control how they get their birth control medication. The app enables them to apply for a prescription, have a doctor sign off on it. And get it shipped to their homes. Those how do not have insurance can have it planned for them using it.

Brandless is another startup whose idea is to present products to consumers in a simple manner. Groceries get delivered with only vital information on the labels. They can afford to sell for cheap, since they do not advertise.

Zocdoc is another way to connect with the doctor. With Zocdoc, you shall look through various healthcare providers, compare their services according to real-time customer feedback, and schedule for an appointment, which shall be logged in real time. You can select among doctor based on your symptoms.

Yogi surprise is what those into yoga go for. Those who like hot yoga will get a chance to enroll for a subscription box, in which you will be getting tools, supplements and such products on a monthly basis. These products are of organic and holistic nature, to help you on your quest for a healthier life.